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About The Archives of Anti-Racist Activism Website

This site is a compilation of anti-racist initiatives and actions taken by students, staff members, and faculty at Middlebury College. Additionally, we include incidents of racism and intolerance that prompted said anti-racist activism. Our goal is to collect and categorize differing forms of anti-racist activism through the years at Middlebury. We did this by combing through different archive collections and looking at journalistic accounts and coverage of said activism. We hope to shed light on all of the anti-racist work that activists have done through the years and to note the manifestations of systemic racism at Middlebury. We want to recognize that while we are researching and studying the accounts of activism here at Middlebury, we are aware that these are the experiences and life stories of other people. We are explicitly aligned with the activists and students and hope that we can do their work justice, as well as start the process of giving them the recognition that they deserve. Our method of qualitative archival research used the student-run newspaper The Middlebury Campus as our main data set. We analyzed every issue of The Middlebury Campus from 1830 to 2021. Every published instance of anti-racist activism and racism at Middlebury College is categorized and accessible on this website. We hope that this website serves as both a research tool for students and a reminder that racism and anti-racist activism are not practices of the past. The systemic injustices of the 19th century are still alive and well today.